Roger C. Vogel
Chamber Music with Voice



Christmas Long Ago for voice and flute choir. Howard J. Buss Publications (2016). Moderate. 4 min. Listen.


Eine Kleine Snailmusik for high voice, trumpet, 'cello, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications. (1998) Moderate. 8 min.

                           Excerpt 1. Listen.   Excerpt 2. Listen.

In Darkness for high voice, alto saxophone, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications. (1991) Advanced. 15 min. Listen.

My Ukulele for voice, ukulele, and flute, (or oboe, or chromatic harmonica). (2021) Composer. Moderate. 2 minutes. Listen.


The Devil's Songbook for medium voice, bassoon, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications . (1993) Moderate. 25 min.

      1. Of Politicians. Listen.
      2. Of Attorneys. Listen.
      3. Of Businessmen. Listen.
      4. Of the Media. Listen.
      5. Of Critics and Music. Listen.
      6. Of Virtue. Listen.
      7. Of Vanity. Listen.
      8. Of Celebration. Listen.
     (Also available for voice, cello, and piano)


The Distances They Keep for flute, two high voices, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications . (2002)

Advanced. 12 min. 30 seconds. Listen.


Fragments of Your Ancient Name for medium voice and flute. Howard J. Buss Publications. (2015)  Advanced.17 min.


1. Morning Star. Listen.

2. Krishna. Listen.

3. Door. Listen.

4. Ocean of Joy. Listen.

5. Lord of the Dance. Listen.

Listen to all movements


Take Time for medium voice and marimba. Howard J. Buss Publications.  (2015) Advanced. 13 min.


1. Take Time. Listen.

2. Open Your Heart. Listen.

3. Toot Not Your Horn Too Much. Listen.

4. Cancelled Because of Snow. Listen.

5. Flowers. Listen.


The Frog, He Fly . . . Almost for high voice and C trumpet. Howard J. Buss Publications . (2000). 

5 min. Listen. (Also available for voice and clarinet or alto flute. Listen)


Love Letters for high voice, violin, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications. 2006. Moderate to Advanced. 40 min.

 1. Your Letter Moved Me. Listen.
      2. I Lie Awake. Listen.
      3. Dear Miss West 47th Street. Listen.
      4. My Dearest Nell (voice and piano). Listen.
      5. The French Ladies. Listen.
      6. My Darling, Dear, Delightful Ringo. Listen.
      7. Have You Heard That I Love You (voice and violin). Listen.
      8. Alas! I Have Suffered Your Scorn. Listen.
      9. Everything Measurable Passes. Listen.
    10. Interlude (violin and piano). Listen.
    11. Adieu, I Seal My Letter. Listen.

Oboe for medium voice and oboe. Howard J. Buss Publications. (1997) Moderate. 5 min. Listen.

One Flesh for medium voice, soprano saxophone, and piano. Needham Publishing Corp. (1989) Moderate. 9 min. Listen.

Things Fall Apart for Low Voice, Flute/Piccolo, Percussion, and Piano.  Composer.2011. Advanced. 60 minutes. 


1. Okonkwo                                                                                  2. Okonkwo Was Provoked

    3. You Have Committed A Great Evil                                        4. Okonkwo Did As The Priest Said

    5. Ikemefuna Live In Okonkwo’s Household                          6. Okonkwo Sat In His Obi

    7. Silence Fell Upon Them                                                          8. The Land Of The Living

    9. Darkness Was Around The Corner                                     10. The Confusion That Followed Was Without Parallel

   11. Okonkwo Was Well Received                                             12. Why Is Okonkwo With Us Today?

   13. You Do Not Know The Answer?                                        14. Your Duty Is To Comfort Your Wives and Children

   15. For Whom Is It Well?                                                            16. Obierika Came To Visit

   17. But There Was A Young Lad                                               18. Umuofia Had Indeed Changed

   19. There Were Many Men and Women                                  20. Okonkwo Was Deeply Grieved

   21. One Of The Greatest Crimes A Man Could Commit         22. The Band Of Egwugwu

   23. The Village Crier Was Abroad Again                                  24. All Our Gods Are Weeping

   25. There Was A Sudden Stir In The Crowd                            26. Then They Came To The Tree

                                                               27. Take Down The Body


Selections: Movements 1, 7, and 25. Listen.


thoughts from a cat  for voice, flute, and oboe (or chromatic harmonica or clarinet, or soprano sax ) texts by Daniel Ladinsky

Howard J. Buss Publications. (2019) Moderate 10 min. Listen


1. thoughts from a cat. 2. without question. 3. have a heart. 4. like them. 5. the art of digging holes.

6. one regret. 7. love is.

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