Roger C. Vogel
Music for Orchestra and Band

Allusions to Hollywood for grade five symphonic band. American Composers Edition (1982). Moderate 22 min.


1. The Adventure. Listen.

   2. The Romance. Listen.

3. The Western. Listen.

   4. The Creature. Listen.

   5. The Private Detective. Listen.

   6. The Comedy. Listen.

Autumn Song for grade one band. (2001). 1 min. 30 seconds.

Ceremonial March for symphonic band. American Composers Edition  (1993). Moderate.  3 min. Listen.

Cityscapes for clarinet choir. Howard J. Buss Publications (2016). Advanced. 13 min.


1. Morning Traffic.  Listen. Listen.
       2. Riverfront. Listen. Listen.
       3. A Walk in the Park. Listen. Listen.
       4. Skyline at Sunset. Listen. Listen.
       5. Nightlife. Listen. Listen.


Concertino for Alto Trombone and String Orchestra. Howard J. Buss Publications. (2021) Advanced alto trombone, moderate strings. 12 min. Listen.

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Winds. Composer. (1991). Advanced.  16 min. Listen.
Reduction for alto saxophone and piano. Needham Publishing Corp.

Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra. American Composers Edition (1980). Advanced horn, moderate strings. 20 min. Listen. 

Reduction for horn and piano. American Composers Edition.


Concerto for Trumpet and Winds. Composer (2005). Advanced. 20 min
           Reduction for Trumpet and Piano. Wiltshire Music Company

Listen to excerpt one from Concerto for Trumpet and Winds

Listen to excerpt two from Concerto for Trumpet and Winds

Listen to excerpt three from Concerto for Trumpet and Winds

Divertimento for Saxophone Ensemble. (SSAAAATTBBBs) Seesaw Music Corporation. (1977) Moderate. 10 min. Listen.

Encounter Number One for Large Orchestra. Composer (1974). Advanced. 10 min. Listen.

Edenwood for grade five symphonic band. Composer (2004). 12 min. Listen.

Fanfares and Flourishes for three antiphonal brass quintets. American Composers Edition (1997).                                                 Advanced. 11 min. Listen.

Fantasy for Violoncello Orchestra (8 parts). American Composers Edition. (1993) Moderate. 8 min Listen..

Flat Rock March for grade three band (2000). 3 min. Listen.

Jammin’ Junkyard Dawgs for jazz studio orchestra. American Composers Edition (2012). Listen.


Music Becomes Me for solo voice, solo flute, and wind ensemble. C. Alan Publications (2014). Advanced.


1. Music Becomes Me. Listen.

             2. A Mermaid Song. Listen.

             3. The Street Musician. Listen.

             4. Music. (Cadenza). Listen.

             5. A Piper. Listen.


Roman Festivals for flute choir. Howard J. Buss Publications. (2017) Advanced. 13 min.


1. Plebian Games. Listen.

2. Fors Fortunia. Listen.

3. Eleusinian Mysteries. Listen.

4. Bacchanali. Listen.

5. Saturnalia. Listen.


   Three Sonorities for String Orchestra. Composer (1973-74). Moderate.


1. Enigmatic Sonority Number I (6 min.) Listen.
2. Obstreperous Sonority Number IIa (8 min.) Listen.
3. Obstreperous Sonority Number IIb (5 min.)



    Lysistrata, a comic chamber opera in one act. (Piano/vocal and Orchestral scores). American Composers Edition

       (2011) Moderate. 70 min.


          1. Overture. Listen.

          2. Where Are the Women? Listen.

          3. What Do We Know of War? Listen.

          4. The Treaty Is Signed. Listen.


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