Roger C. Vogel
Chamber Music for Percussion



Distant Thunder. (AKA Temporal Landscape Number 2) for flute, percussion, and piano. Howard J. Buss Publications. (1979)

Advanced.  5 min.  Listen.


Recollections for violin and percussion. Composer. (2019). Advanced. 7 minutes. Listen.

Temporal Landscape Number 3 for percussion ensemble (6 players). Seesaw Music Corporation.  (1980) Advanced. 6 min. Listen.

Take Time for medium voice and marimba. Howard J. Buss Publications.  (2015) Advanced. 13 min.


1. Take Time. Listen.

2. Open Your Heart. Listen.

3. Toot Not Your Horn Too Much. Listen.

4. Cancelled Because of Snow. Listen.

5. Flowers. Listen.


Taking Flight for vibraphone. Howard J. Buss Publications.  (2015) Advanced. 6 min. Listen.

Temporal Landscape Number 6 for trumpet and percussion. American Composers Edition. (1987) Advanced. 6 min.  Listen.

Voyages for trumpet and multiple percussion. Howard J. Buss Publications. (1997) Advanced. 16 minutes.


Movement 1. Listen.

Movement 2. Listen.

Movement 3. Listen.


Things Fall Apart for Low Voice, Flute/Picolo, Percussion, and Piano.  Composer. 2011. Advanced. 60 minutes.  

Selections: Movements 1, 7, and 25. Listen.



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